I Don’t Have a Headline for This One

It’s been enjoyable going on walks as the October sun drops lower in the the sky creating some amazing light. I’m becoming more comfortable shooting a film camera. It feels second nature by now and I take more time to notice the things around me. Watching the light, looking at the surroundings a little differently and BLAMMO, another moment in time captured on film forever.

This is Little Bear. He’s about eight now.

We got caught by a fast moving rain.

Chasing the falling sun at Red Butte Canyon.

The new million-gallon distribution reservoir in Red Butte Canyon.



A lot of people will tell you that horses get spooked because they’re just naturally nervous and jittery, but that ain’t right. What you have to remember is that a horse sees things maybe six or seven times bigger than we do.Billy Herman, a harness-racing trainer at Pompano Park in Miami

All photos in this post were taken using the Pentax K1000 on Fujicolor Superia X-TRA 400 film except where noted. Scanning provided by Essential Photo Supply.  Click on any image for a closer look.

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