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Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge

Bear River Bird Refuge

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Tips for avoiding post-tour depression

A few ideas: Send Jens Voigt a get well card. Reevaluate who your heroes are. Get out of town. Go ride somewhere new. It will take your mind off the boredom. Set aside your normal tour viewing beverage and look for ways to improve your diet so you too, can climb the alps at 13.5mph. […]

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Cycling The Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge

Rode the 12 mile auto tour route at the Bear River Bird Refuge on Sunday. Photos A short list of birds and critters we saw: Meerkat Avocet Ibis Coot Great Blue Heron Pelican Greebe Yellow Headed Black Bird Cormorant Merganser Black Neck Stilts Mallard Rare Canadian Goose Goshawk Cinnamon Teal Egret Pheasant Sandpiper Sandhill Crane […]

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Dave Zabriskie, one of the most unusual stagecoach robbers in American history, wins TTT at 2008 Tour of Georgia

Dave Zabriskie has promised Planet Quirky and interview which will be posted here and at The Church of the Big Ring. Probably not likely until the ToG is over. The boys in Argyle threw the hammer down on the hot asphalt yesterday for a win. Hopefully these train robbers can keep it up. I, for […]

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Riding in the Cotswolds

I got attacked by a hedgehog. It was well worth it, the Cotswolds are absolutely amazing!

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