Würzburg Army Hospital

A large military hospital complex was built in Würzburg in the late 1930s. When the U.S. Army moved into the area in April 1945, this facility was taken over by the 107th EVAC Hospital, and it continued to serve as a U.S. Army hospital until returned to the German government in 2007 (the hospital was extensively remodeled in 2011).

My younger brother spent some time here when he was an infant in 1973.

1945 photo

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  1. Michelle Peno

    I spent several years there working as a psychiatric specialist in the 80’s. I’m sad to learn that it is closed. I remember being there at the height of the Red Army Faction still trying to influence the German citizens. We had no MP’s, we were our own Kaiserne so when things escalated they had to bring MP’s from Leighton Barracks, Third ID.

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