The Fightmaster

I just found out this morning that an old friend, one of Salt Lakes most notorious characters has passed away. Sean Fightmaster, as many of you may have seen loosely portrayed in SLC Punk, died last week. I have yet to find out any details. Although it’s been a few years since I last saw him, he will be missed. I remember one of my last encounters with Sean. He was a punk party at Chris Jecko’s house, trying to rally people to go with him to the Salt Lake City Cemetery where he claimed to have seen a human arm.?? I don’t know much at this point but it’s sad to hear.? More later..

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  1. Sean Fightmaster = 6/24/69 ~ 12/6/06

    Dear Sean Fightmaster,

    When I found out about this travesty, I felt a deep void in my life. Knowing that I had lost a sincere friend that wasn’t afraid to speak, act, or feel free from societies fist of normalcy. I felt great comfort in Sean’s poking and prodding of my personal life style. The first time I met Sean was at Mr. Thompson’s house near the U of U. Almost instantly Sean was determined to piss me off, by any means possible. I remember thinking, “don’t let this end ugly”. After we all had drank several shots of Whiskey & a few dozen beers, I found myself dancing with him in a drunken stupor to some old punk-rock, trying not to make chaos of Adam’s house.

    As the days passed on, over the course of two years, each time I came to visited Mr. Thompson, Sean was almost always at Adam’s house. It was like the moss reclaiming a rock near the riverbed, so it was Sean winning my friendship over with his generosity, happy-go-luck, & worry-free life style. I can still hear Sean’s voice in my head saying “You thinking you’re so cool, I’ll show you what’s really cool” as he would point to any random article of clothing or items he was wearing with slight smirk on his face, hoping for a reaction from me.

    We found common grounds through punk rock, drinking & smoking and talking about our DUI fines and punishments. One of the last road trips I took with Sean and friends was to Rock Port reservoir, Utah to go fishing. Mr. Thompson had pre-warrened me that Sean was a “good-luck omen” for catching fish and that Sean was sure to catch a fish today. I’m not too good at catching fish, but I’m very good at catching a buzz. While Sean, Mr. Thompson, & Renée were all intent on fishing, I was building a bench out of the landscape for sunbathing. I was giving Sean a hard time about trying too hard and that he might fall into the lake if he doesn’t relax more like me. I had never seen Sean so serious and determined to catch a fish as I did that day. Finally I had finished my bench and had moved on to the next alcove up the shoreline with my fishing pole. I had to rock climb over rough terrain to escape Sean’s peninsula. Of course Sean was the only one to catch a fairly large small-mouthed Bass, about 7 LBS and 23 inches long. Sean’s true colors shined through; when he had to negotiate the rough terrain of his peninsula to get over to my alcove with the fish in hand, mind you. Just to yell at me and only me “Look at my fish~!!! You SUCK Mowgli”. Even though he was a few hundred feet away I could tell he was smiling with his whole body. Sean’s generous personality was that he cooked his fish for all of us, plus he had brought 10 Ribeye steaks for only 5 people and cooked all the food for all of us to enjoy~!!!

    Sean was the older brother I never wanted, but had no choice in the matter. Sean chose me as his friend and in time I grew to love him back as one too. Sean you will be deeply missed by me. I just wanted to thank you for all the laughter and good times we had together. I know you deserve to be in a better place, you earned it. I will see you, when I reach the Akasha too. I’m a better person for knowing you. Thanx Sean, live in peace :)

    Mowgli Zettabaud

  2. Mike get keep in touch


  3. Hyper Pete

    Wow, a name from the past. Last time I saw Sean was in 1986 – he was still a kid and always in trouble. He always cracked me up with the crazy shit he did. It’s been over 20 years since I’ve been out there – Jecko was a friend of mine dating back to the late 70’s. Anyone know how to get in touch with him? He should still have my phone # in PA.

    RIP Fightmaster…

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