Scars are the roadmap to your soul:

That is a strange statement, but the more I think about it, the more I concur. In an error of judgement, I rented a rather violent video last night, which I quit watching half way through. Twice the line was mentioned in the movie, “Scars are the roadmap to your soul”. I thought about it. Slept on it. And, I have to agree. Scars. They don’t have to be physical scars. I have my share. The stitches I received after hitting a piece of angle iron on a drunken evening. The time I hit my head crashing my bike. I have scars.

Most of them are emotional. The physical scars are an easy heal. As a cyclist, there is an expectation that comes with the trade. We will get hurt. You will fall off your bike. And it has happened. Those are the scars that heal easily. The others, well.. not so easy.

What makes us human, what makes us vulnerable, what makes us hurt…. Scars… I have them. Love, Love lost. Love will come again. I hope.

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  1. Yes, love indeed. It’s as if love is the only thing that matters. Although it sure can bite you in the back sometimes. I suppose nothing ever happens the way you want it to. Perhaps maybe one day hope will prevail and things will fall into place. Till then good luck and remember you’re not alone.

  2. Simplenoteasy

    I just finished the movie you rented.. “The Air That I Breathe” .. It was violent and weird.. but I watched the whole thing. The line about scars being the roadmap to your soul, culminated in each character and particularly the singer. She found some redemption and freedom at the end of the movie. The line hit me funny, so I googled it, and here I am. I think it’s true.. where we’ve been and what we’ve experienced show as scars, physical or emotional. The road we take to get where we are and to become what we are is different for everyone. What may scar you, may be smooth sailing for me and vice versa. Pondering, I believe our scars show shallow at a glance (physically) who we are and where we’ve been and tell at depth (emotionally) what we’ve become. Beautiful statement..

  3. I just thought of this line myself but a bit different. “Scars are the roadmap on your soul. It tells you where you’ve been and where you should go”. I always look things up on Google and here i am …. Everything is said before but the meaning is sometimes different. Kind regards, Lejo

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