Pacific Grove, CA – Labor Day, 2021

The Leica is lumpless, with a flat top built from a single piece of brass. It has no prism, because it focusses with a range finder—situated above the lens. And it has no mirror inside, and therefore no clunk as the mirror swings. When you take a picture with an S.L.R., there is a distinctive sound, somewhere between a clatter and a thump; I worship my beat-up Nikon FE, but there is no denying that every snap reminds me of a cow kicking over a milk pail. With a Leica, all you hear is the shutter, which is the quietest on the market. The result — and this may be the most seductive reason for the Leica cult — is that a photograph sounds like a kiss.
— Anthony Lane in The New Yorker:

Bean Hollow

Bean Hollow State Beach, originally known as Arroyo de Los Frijoles, marked the southern extent of Rancho Butano, which was granted in 1838 to Ramona Sanchez and also included neighboring Pebble State Beach.

Later, the rancho was later purchased by Clark & Coburn of San Francisco. Loren Coburn was born in Vermont and had moved to California in 1851. He worked first in mining and then as a businessman in San Francisco. He moved to the Pescadero area in 1872 and entered into land development. Coburn erected a large hotel on the bluff above Pebble Beach in the 1890s, hoping to make it a popular destination for vacationers taking the planned Ocean Shore Railroad from San Francisco. The San Francisco earthquake in 1906 ended construction on the railroad, and the hotel permanently closed.

The fireplace at night at the Monarch Resort.

The Inn at Spanish Bay

El Carmelo Cemetery

El Carmelo Cemetery has been part of Pacific Grove’s history since the 1800s. For nearly two centuries the City has maintained and cherished this final resting place. The oldest section of the cemetery has wooden markers and upright monuments located amidst stately pines and cypresses. The more recent sections are park-like settings with engraved markers placed flush with the grass. The beautiful Pacific Grove Golf Links borders the cemetery on two sides.

Monarch Resort
Monarch Resort Fireplace
Monarch Resort

Monarch Resort

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