Introducing Bobart

Bobart is going to be a guest columnist on both Planet Quirky and The Church of the Big Ring.

I ride with Bob frequently and he is prone to spouting out some very bizarre diatribes. For instance, when discussing Floyd Landis and his heroic effort to retake the lead in the Tour de France, it was reported that he took, no joke, a total of 70 water bottles (480 ml each) from the car to keep himself cool and hydrated. Well, Bobart has his own opinion on that. He says he never drinks water during exercise.

“I pour it over my shirt to keep cool. Why make your kidneys do all that work just to SWEAT!”

Bobart was kind enough to contribute these pictures from the Shoreline Trail last night.

Sunset from the Shoreline Trail Sunset from the Shoreline Trail

Dry Creek Canyon

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