I need to feel like a cyclist again

A week and a half off to spend time with Suzy has left me feeling disconnected from the road. Today I will ride. I will likely get rained but that is ok. A cleanse. A day of redemption. A time to hunker down and reflect on my latest insights. A time to forgive. A time to heal. Having spent so many years in search of my emotional self, knowing how there is triumph through pain and suffering, on and off the bike, looking inwards — I’ve found it. Off I go.

Life as Epic

No formula exists for epic. It happens when the right conditions are present and it cannot be manufactured. Mental, physical and emotional stress are all components as is suffering, which in the case of cycling, usually means extended periods of self-inflicted pain. Exposure, distance, duration, elevation, great camaraderie, road surfaces, waning sanity, exhaustion, rapidly fading sunlight, weather, empty pockets and broken chains. And competition both healthy and not so healthy are all likely a part of any epic ride. Epic is essentially the result of a series of intense experiences and hard riding.

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