Found: Abominable Bicycle

A Cryptozoologic Mystery

This abominable bicycle was found in a SLC park near my home where homeless people often sleep.  It has been there for five days unlocked and untouched.  Judging from the great care taken to fur up this bike for the upcoming winter, I assume it has a loving owner.  Perhaps the owner was high on LSD and wandered off into the hills searching for the elusive Yeti and forgot about the bike.  Perhaps not.  I decided to bring this bike home and do all I can to find it’s loving owner.  It sat out in the rain.  The chain is rusted.  If anyone knows the owner of this bike please let me know.  My only hope is that it can be pleasantly reunited with it’s master.

Thanks for you help,
Abominable Cruiser Bike

1 comment on “Found: Abominable Bicycle

  1. Dude! that looks like a burning man bike!

    MY guess is:
    *Rode in the desert for a week
    *Brought home to blow the minds of SLC
    *Got stoned
    *Forgot about bike
    *Nabbed by enterprising homeless dude
    *Got stoned
    *Forgot about bike

    ride it to RIDE LIKE A PIRATE DAY next weekend!

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