Train Tracks

Today I went walking on some train tracks and listened to my mp3 player with the headphones at full volume.


What a great way to clear your head. Especially since my downstairs neighbor tried to attack me earlier in the day. Seems he has a problem with the way I park. I reverse into my space and for some reason, it drives him crazy. This is the second time he’s gone ape-shit on me. He lives with his mother and rarely comes outside. He peeks through his blinds watches little children walking by all day long. Something is not right with this guy. I’ve got some video of him going nuts and will have it available soon. When he saw the camera he dropped his tough-guy routine, hid behind a dumpster, and then ran away. Hmm…


3 comments on “Train Tracks

  1. Interesting blog, I’ll be stopping back by! I found you through Jill, by the way.

    Amazing how those “deadly cameras” turn a psycho into a puddy tat!

  2. Thanks for your interesting article

  3. Hmmm, I am tempted to try this.

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