Abnormal sex. Crime and violence.

Yesterday a Mormon tried to sell me some stolen shoes for 150 bucks. What do I look like, a schmuck on wheels? He’d be better off selling Perversion for Profit.

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Zabriski’s beard cost him 2 seconds per km in Time Trial

Dave Zabriski won the 2006 USPRO time trial today by the hair of his chinny-chin-chin. . .literally. He covered the 32.4 km course with style, however, 2005 champ Chris Baldwin was in sight to win until he crashed with only 400m remaining. That crash cost him about 30 seconds. Had he not crashed, chances are […]

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“You want more of that, motherfuckers?” Floyd Landis — Paris Nice 2006

Landis kicks ass at the TDF stage 17. Not surprising considering the foreshadowing thrown down at Paris Nice: The crux moment arrived in Stage 6, on the way to Cannes. Halfway into the race, a group of 19 broke away, and none of the other teams were willing to help Phonak chase them down. With […]

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The Tour de France and the World Jew Conspiracy?

A-Train tells me that Eddy Merckx’ real name is Isreal Stein.

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Train Tracks

Today I went walking on some train tracks and listened to my mp3 player with the headphones at full volume. What a great way to clear your head. Especially since my downstairs neighbor tried to attack me earlier in the day. Seems he has a problem with the way I park. I reverse into my […]

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